Resident Evil 5 'Versus' Mode DLC Costs Money

By Chris Faylor, Mar 12, 2009 8:59am PDT Calling Resident Evil 5--due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America and Europe tomorrow-- a "soon-to-be-blockbuster," developer Capcom has announced that paid downloadable content will soon deliver new multiplayer modes to the action game.

Due in "a few weeks," the "Versus" DLC will run $4.99 on PlayStation 3, and 400 Microsoft Points ($5) for Xbox 360 owners. Here's the skinny on what it packs:

Versus allows up to four players to match wits in online battles across two very different game types. Slayer's Rule is a point-based game that challenges players to kill Majinis. In Survivor's Rule, players hunt the most dangerous game, each other! Players can begin the hunt as Chris, Sheva or other secret characters, and choose from either one-on-one or two-versus-two team matches for either of the two gameplay styles.

The zombie-hunting effort includes two-person online and offline co-op story play out of box, with a free update enabling the unlockable Mercenaries mode to be played online.

Update: Capcom just clarified that the "Versus" DLC will cost $4.99 on the PlayStation 3. The initial press release had the PlayStation 3 DLC at $3.99, $1.01 cheaper than the Xbox 360 content. "We apologize for this error," the company wrote.

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  • Let's be honest, no matter what was released as DLC, everyone would be pissed off. At least they're not charging 4 bucks for a pair of pants and a new haircut. The point of DLC is to offer something to a specific group of people who may want it, if you don't, then just don't buy it, no need to go all Jack Bauer on it. I also don't really agree on the whole "sequel adds content" argument, RE has never been about multiplayer, ever. This is a pretty decent add for 4 bucks, and they're a company who wants to make money, so you can either realize you live in a capitalistic country and make the choice to buy it or not, or you can just get another ulcer and complain about something that probably doesn't really impact your life.