BioShock 2 Magazine Cover Reveals Big Sisters, Return to Rapture

By Nick Breckon, Mar 10, 2009 3:14pm PDT The cover for Game Informer's upcoming BioShock 2-laden issue has confirmed the existence of Big Sister enemies in the 2K Marin sequel, as well as a reprisal of the original game's Rapture setting.

"Big Sister" enemies--apparently sleeker versions of the "Big Daddy" enemies from BioShock--were mentioned in rumors starting earlier this week.

A viral BioShock 2 site,, has been updated regularly over the past several days. Materials found on the website hint at the abduction of several girls by a "skinny monster with a single red glowing eye."

More information about BioShock 2 is expected to be revealed following this month's Game Developers Conference.

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  • I'm guessing we're going to be playing as a fella completely unrelated to the Bioshock plot, conveniently set on the opposite side of the city of Rapture, in places never before seen and for whatever reason were completely inaccessible to Fontaine.
    We're going to just assume that the city is really large and even though the bad ending implied you were on a seat of immense power at the end of the game, which would count for the good ending, too assumedly.. That you lose your powers due to a PLOT DEVICE (Samus got konked on the head and lost her Varia suit, oh no not again!) so you have to explore this new area and use new plasmids because apparently your old ones couldn't cut it and the antagonist's super plasmid sucker-outer was a success on you as you entered her domain.