Empire: Total War Patch Fixes Memory Leaks, Doesn't Fix Game-ending Bugs

by Nick Breckon, Mar 10, 2009 12:36pm PDT
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The first patch for Empire: Total War has fixed a variety of issues with the game, including memory leaks and random crashes.

But the game still remains largely affected by some of its worst bugs, including one that can surprisingly render save games useless.

Users are still reporting that the save-killing bug--which sees the game consistently crash during an AI turn, ruining campaigns that can last for dozens of hours--still exists following today's patch. Shacknews has independently verified that the bug remains in the game post-patch.

Empire developer Creative Assembly plans to release regular updates, slating the next patch for early next week. Check out today's patch notes below:

We will be rolling out the first of a series of updates later today with a variety of fixes for Empire: Total War, including:

  • Fixed Alt-Tab issue which prevents players from switching away from a full screen window

  • Fixed text rendering for certain resolutions

  • Fixed localized font overrun issues.

  • Fixed a variety of crash and memory leak issues

  • Fixed a variety of multiplayer client lock

  • Fixed trade nodes for those nations with resource in home region which caused unprofitable trade theatre routes eg: Sweden and Marathas.

There is a constant support program in process which is using your feedback as well as our own testing. We are currently working on the next update which will be available early next week.


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  • I can't even play the game in any meaningful way with this patch.

    I, like many others, was getting frustrated by the fleet CTD bugs that would randomly prevent you from utilizing specific fleets. I was hoping that this patch would fix that issue, but instead of doing that it simply created MORE CRASHES.

    Now I'm getting not just the fleet CTD bug, but the random crashes during Land/Naval battles bug, and the CTD on AI turn bug. In other words, I CANNOT PLAY THE GAME AT ALL because I just constantly crash no matter what I try to do. The patch managed to take a playable, enjoyable game that had an annoying CTD bug, and make it into an unplayable mess that crashes if I do so much as look at it funny.

    But hey, they made damn sure that people that didn't blow $20 more on the Special Forces edition can't mod the special units into the normal version of the game! Priorities!

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    • this patch has not fixed my problems ,i ,like many others,have had the game crash during a battle,but another one i have is on the campaign map when i try to merge to units into one it crashes,done it once then i reloaded the game and did it straight away again when i ried it with the same units,and how many save games i have lost,its so annoying.i have been a total war fan from the start and i think they,ve got better each one they have released,i really liked med2 and the expansion pack,really good graphics and played brill but all of that ,to me,seems to have been lost in empire,the campaign map looks horrible ,good idea how they set it out with little villages but the look of it is horrible,and moving around the map is not smooth at all,very juddery and when i click on a unit or naval fleet it takes a few secs to register ive done it,so many other little things theyve ruined,would have been better if they had thought things through a lot more,theyve gone backwards not forwards i think.i had high hopes for this game,like the sea battles and land batles are good but i think they,ve dropped the ball with this one,its a shame.hopefully they,ll keep releaseing patches to fix a lot of the probs.