PSP 2 Rumors Keep Gaining Momentum

BOOM widget 58335While Sony has repeatedly denied that it's working on a successor to the PSP, industry veteran David Perry has chimed in with details on the supposed device.

"I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they've removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive," reads a Twitter from Perry, a self-described "executive video game industry consultant" who founded Shiny Entertainment in 1993.

"I can't reveal my sources, but you can be certain there's no UMD, which means fully digital online device, and you know I know people," Perry added to GameDaily BIZ.

A recent rumor from VG247 claims Sony is preparing a "complete aesthetic overhaul" of the PSP, complete with a sliding screen, for release this year. However, the site was clear that this would be a redesign of the existing hardware, not the PSP 2.

Late last year, Eurogamer reported that Sony was working on both the PSP 2 and a redesign of the existing PSP, but that the release of the PSP 2 was still a ways off.

At the time, Sony quickly denied the PSP 2, saying that it was encouraging developers to create downloadable PSP games instead of UMD disc titles, and rumors had misinterpreted this push as proof of PSP 2 games under development.