DC Universe Online Trailer: Doomsday

By Chris Faylor, Feb 25, 2009 10:13am PST The latest trailer for Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online discusses the first "case" added to the game, which has players fighting Superman killer Doomsday.

The superpowered MMO is expected to hit PC and PlayStation 3 by "early 2010."

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  • Looking much better. I love the idea that you can pick up a bus, which is a big step up from the (also great) City of Heroes. Question: Will there by character archetypes or will you be able to pick from a list of powers? In CoH, it became clear to the game designers that you couldn't let people pick their own powers, because there were some very OP combinations.

    The other obstacle is the blatant presence of powers that are capable of doing nearly anything, from a creativity standpoint. Green Lantern Power Rings can freeze things, they can make a boxing glove, a giant, a laser beam, they can translate languages, protect and shield the user, analyize stuff, etc etc. Super speed can be used to generate heat, move objects in a method that is almost instantaneous, vibrate through walls (hello, exploits...).

    The problem is that the DC universe already introduces power levels and capabilities that will be game breaking. I'm not saying that they can't account for Superman or Martian Manhunter, and then offer a toned down power level for PC's, but even a rookie member of the GLC is going to feel pretty limited if his powers are "boxing glove, cage, force field".

    We'll see what they manage. I am excited about the title, regardless.