Square Enix Joins Steam

By Chris Faylor, Feb 24, 2009 8:40am PST Titles from Final Fantasy series developer Square Enix will soon begin appearing on Valve's PC digital distribution platform Steam, the two companies announced today.

Coming April 9, the PC version of The Last Remnant will be Square's first Steam release, and will also integrate Steamworks for as-yet-unspecified functionality. The action-RPG arrived on Xbox 360 last fall, with a PlayStation 3 release due later on.

The announcement added that Square will "continue to add to its roster of games on Steam" in North America and Europe, but did not specify any other titles or pricing. Supreme Commander 2, which Square is publishing, represents a likely candidate.

"Square Enix is committed to delivering the best quality titles to PC gamers and distribution on Steam is one of the many steps we are taking to increase accessibility for fans in North America and PAL territories," said Square Enix CEO John Yamamoto.

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  • Goodie! Last Remnant might be fun ;-)

    There were some complaints about the engine on the consoles though... I hope the PC version will be better.

    I haven't played JRPG for a loooong while now and it sure will be a nice change from hardcore PC games.

    "Square Enix is committed to delivering the best quality titles to PC" -> FFXIII on PC?

    Who knows? I remember when nVidia boasted FFXIII on their website. Square-Enix later 'clarified' that it's developed *ON* PC's not *FOR* PC's and FFXIII disappeared from nVidia's website...

    Who knows...