Funcom Loses $23M, Age of Conan Subscribers Fall Below 100,000

By Nick Breckon, Feb 23, 2009 11:40am PST Age of Conan developer Funcom today announced a fourth quarter loss of $23 million, with an overall 2008 net loss of $33.8 million.

The news comes along with the announcement that Funcom's chief financial officer, Olav Sandnes, has resigned from the company.

At one time boasting 700,000 subscribers following its May 2008 release, Norwegian financial group DnB NOR Markets now estimates that subscriptions to Age of Conan have fallen below 100,000, according to E24.

Funcom shut down 63% of Age of Conan's servers in January, reducing the MMO from 49 online worlds to 18. Age of Conan game director Gaute Godager left the company in September of last year, crediting his dissatisfaction with the game as the primary reason for his exit.

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  • If 100% of Funcom's gross income came from nothing but $14.95 AoC subs, they couldn't have more than 194,000 paying clients. Since they have other games, are still selling product on some store shelves (though Wal-Mart in our area has stopped selling the game) it is obvious that yes, it is very possible AoC is under 100,000 players now.

    The fact is that Funcom tried to sell a product that simply was not finished, promised things they haven't delivered, or when they did, were buggy, and collectively, for any improvement, it burned trust with the MMO market. A market that is now vastly more jaded for having been burned several times.

    AoC will fail, it almost certainly will close, and Funcom as a company will struggle to survive because of wanton Hubris of people trying to sell to a tiny fragment of the total market....badly.

  • Sad :( they've at least kept putting effort into the game. I thought the way they presented the Conan lore was excellent and the atmosphere was great (I was never interested in the Conan lore until playing the game, and purchased a few of the original books as a result of the playing the game). AoC has some really imaginative quests, gorgeous graphics at times, and they've been committed to adding new stuff (although a lot of it perhaps should have been there at the beginning). It saddens me when people drastically exaggerate the crappy sides of the game, as they are misrepresenting it based on limited play time (usually from the first few months of release, when it was in a much worse state than it is now, although still funner than is implied).