Hey Bub: New X-Men Origins Wolverine Screenshots

Activision today released a few new screenshots for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Raven's God of War-style action title starring the adamantium-laced mutant.

Wolverine--releasing on PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP--will hit stores on May 1, alongside the film of the same name. nope Also released were a list of achievements for the game, viewable below:

Hot Potato: Lit 20 enemies on fire

Stick Around: Impaled Victor Creed.

Drop Dead: Killed 10 enemies by throwing them off high areas

Slaughter House: Dismembered 100 enemies

Shotgun Epic Fail: Killed 25 Shotgunners with their own weapon

Environmentally Friendly: Killed 10 enemies using objects in the environment

Slice n' Dice: Killed 6 enemies with a single attack