Tomb Raider Underworld DLC Hits Next Week

Rising from the ashes of a recent delay, Eidos has announced that first of two Xbox 360-only downloadable episodes for Tomb Raider: Underworld hits February 24. nope

The $10 expansion, dubbed Beneath the Ashes, takes place after the action-adventure's initial conclusion, delivering a new level and new enemies. The second promised Xbox 360-exclusive add-on, "Lara's Shadow," is apparently still slated for March 10.

"Beneath the Ashes has passed all testing at Microsoft and has been given a confirmed release date of the 24th February 2009," reads a post from Eidos' Jason Walker on the Tomb Raider Forums. "Truly appreciate all your patience on this."

Beneath the Ashes will be accompanied by a hefty patch that resolves several issues, Joystiq adds. Those changes and tweaks are listed in full below:

  • In some circumstances reward progress could be lost when restarting TRU either through a save game reload, or through starting a new game
  • In rare circumstances, animated water running down walls (textures) in TRU could cease to animate
  • While being "teleported" during a cinematic (where the player will end the cinematic in a new position), there were rare circumstances where Lara would be left with a very high velocity which caused her current or next jump to throw her much further
  • While executing an adrenaline attack (which causes the game to go into a "bullet time" slow motion effect), if the player restarted the game, or reloaded a save game, the subsequent menu animation for costume and weapon selection would be in slow motion
  • Under rare circumstances the player could teleport from one fluid movement primitive to another
  • Under some circumstances Lara could "miss" picking up a portable object, which led to her having to re-attempt the pick up
  • Under certain circumstances the full screen effects for adrenaline mode could become corrupted
  • Under rare circumstances engaging and pulling an object with the grapple caused a crash
  • Fixed numerous issues in the code that was causing conflicts between OLAPI and the system listener relating to saving loading and mounting of downloadable content packs
  • Fix for crash when loading a game that was previously saved while the player was inserting an object
  • Fixed a rare crash when trying to load a save game on level 5
  • Fixed a bug where the player could force the slow down from the adrenaline mode to never end (even though the mode itself had ended)
  • When downloading content from Xbox Live, the current language selection no longer gets changed back to English when the new content is mounted
  • When mounting DLC content, the content is now properly associated with a user profile to support HDD roaming
  • Other minor issues addressed