Contest: Win Dawn of War 2

Update: We'll still be giving away the majority of the keys on the general Shacknews Twitter feed, but now we'll be handing out two of the keys in a truly randomized drawing. To qualify, follow the same instructions as below. The final keys will be sent to the winners via Twitter direct messaging on Sunday and Monday.

Original story: So we liked Relic's Dawn of War II a whole bunch. We think you'll probably like it too. But how to justify the expense in these trying times?

Shacknews is here to help. Over the next five days--Thursday through Monday--we'll be giving away one free Steam copy of Dawn of War II per day. The twist? We'll be posting the codes on the official Shacknews Twitter feed. nope Oh, I know. Twitter is that silly thing your daughter uses to whine about how her boyfriend sucks at Team Fortress. Well, it's also a great way to share gaming information. And now it wins you games.

The steps:

Good luck to everyone.