Braid PC Hits Impulse on March 31

By Nick Breckon, Feb 17, 2009 1:06pm PST Jonathan Blow's critically acclaimed platformer Braid will hit the PC for the first time on March 31, according to distributor Stardock. However, in our comments, Stardock's Mike Crassweller points out that the game could arrive a bit earlier in March.

Stardock today opened up preorders for the title on its digital distribution network Impulse. Braid PC will cost $19.95 on the service, a $5 premium over the Xbox Live Arcade version that arrived last year.

Past comments by Blow indicated that the PC port of the time-bending title would show up on multiple distribution platforms, including Valve's Steam.

"They are interested in putting the game up," said Blow of Valve in a recent Gamasutra interview. "So it's just a matter of me having a PC version ready that I feel is good to go with."

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  • For various reasons I've decided to see if I could go this round of consoles without getting a 360 or a PS3. I have a Wii and a souped-up PC, so I was wondering how long I could go without having to get a 360/PS3.

    What's interesting to me is how far I've been able to go with this concept. Every game I'm interested in has come to the PC eventually (or, in a pinch, the Wii - see Rock Band 2). Sure there's games like Halo 3 which will either never come to the PC or if it does it will be a long time from now but those happen to be the games I don't care about. But in a few months I'll even be able to play Street Fighter 4.