First Dante's Inferno Details: 'Dead Space Meets God of War In Hell'

BOOM widget 76492The first solid gameplay details regarding EA Redwood Shores' poem-inspired action game Dante's Inferno, due out this fall, have arrived via UK print magazine PSM 3.

Described by the magazine as "Dead Space meets God of War in Hell," Dante's Inferno apparently borrows the atmosphere of EA Redwood Shore's action-horror title Dead Space and mixes it with the beat 'em up gameplay of SCE Santa Monica's PlayStation-exclusive God of War franchise.

The brawler's controls and gameplay mechanics are actually identical to those of God of War, according to CVG's coverage of the preview, down to the part where players must mash O to open a chest and enemies leave behind health and magic orbs.

Furthermore, certain cinematic actions, such as climbing a giant beast and replacing its previous rider, are accomplished by tapping buttons as they appear on-screen.

"What really sets this apart from God of War is the setting," explained the magazine. "Dante's trip through hell is altogether more unpleasant, twisted creatures burst from doorways, lava spews from inverted crosses and bottomless fiery pits yawn deep." BOOM video 1292

Though the magazine confirms a PlayStation 3 edition, specific platforms were not mentioned when the game was unveiled last December. However, the publisher's and developer's history of multi-platform titles suggests PC and Xbox 360 are likely.