NecroVisioN English Demo Released

By Chris Faylor, Feb 10, 2009 8:26am PST Now available on FileShack is the English-language PC demo for NecroVisioN, a World War I-era shooter that has players exploring the depths of Hell while facing off against demons, zombies, vampires and giant robotic scorpions, among others.

Developed by The Farm 51--formed by two Painkiller veterans from People Can Fly--NecroVisioN hits Europe on February 20 and North America in the spring.

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  • It felt alot more structured and the story and the presentation was actually there, unlike painkiller which I suppose is a good thing. That said, the whole supernatural aspect could have been done better. Crysis did a much better job of blending the ordinary(aliens) with the unordinary. The main character in necrovision is far too accepting of things like zombies popping out of the ground. When a 20 foot tall monster comes bursting in through a door, our hero has no reactions, beyond cliche psuedp macho phrases. When he sees a zombie pop out of the ground, he doesn't seem surprised or shocked at all.

    A real soldier would be shocked/scared if they saw what happened in the game. The game also suffers from painkiller syndrome. They throw too much of anything at you with too little variety, making everything get old quick. In the context of WW1, the zombies seem interest, until you've fought 50 identical ones..

    Prey also did a great job with the characters reactions. When you see an alien, tommy goes "what the fuck is that?" It just makes the experience that much more compelling and believable.

    The gameplay did seem a little sluggish (weapons seemed alittle unresponsive) and awkward but i'll still buy it, even if when it hits $30 or something.