New Indiana Jones Game Contains Old-school Classic 'Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis'

Update: LusasArts tells Joystiq that the unlockable version of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis will exclusive to the Wii release of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.

Original: LucasArts has issued the first details on the forthcoming action game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, revealing that it will pack an unlockable version of LucasArts' 1992 PC adventure title Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Left, Staff of Kings. Right, Fate of Atlantis.

It was not specified if the unlockable will be Wii-only, or if it'll be present in the PS2, PSP and DS releases. The conditions required to unlock the game were not provided.

As for the actual Staff of Kings game, the Wii version will have players wielding the Wii Remote "like Indy's signature whip" while searching for the Staff of Moses. It'll also have two-player co-op and four-player versus modes, such as tank and biplane combat.

The Nintendo DS edition will have stylus-based controls, with the PSP version said to include "six robust types of burst gameplay, including combat and physics." The PlayStation 2 release is expected to mirror that of the Wii's, sans motion controls.

No release date has been given for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.