Guitar Hero World Tour Outsells Rock Band 2:1 in 2008

By Nick Breckon, Jan 26, 2009 3:41pm PST Activision's Guitar Hero World Tour outsold rival MTV/Harmonix's Rock Band 2 by a factor of two-to-one last year, according to NPD sales data obtained by GameSpot.

Rock Band 2 managed total multiplatform sales of 1.7 million units in 2008, while Guitar Hero World Tour pushed 3.4 million units.

As GameSpot points out, Activision had an advantage by shipping all versions of World Tour simultaneously on October 26. The PlayStation 2 and Wii versions of Rock Band 2 didn't make it to stores until December 18.

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  • I agree, RB >GH, Activission are money grubbing sequel whores running perfectly good franchises into the ground while ignoring possible new ones (Brutal Legend, Ghostbusters,etc.), etc. I do feel that it is an injustice that the superior game isn't trumping the impostor, but there are a lot of things EA/MTV could have done to better their chances. First of all, a simultaneous release across consoles would have helped (and really the whole 1 month exclusivity on XBOX 360 was stupid, Microsoft), also, touting that it was from the developers of Guitar Hero 1 and 2 would have helped educate the masses (Activision can oppose to the phrase "the creators of GH 1/2", but they can't deny the fact that at least Harmonix Developed those games). But I think where they really shot themselves in the foot was the lack of prominent advertising for one of RB2's greatest advantages over the competitor, backwards compatibility. I don't mean bc to refer to RB1 instruments being compatible with RB2 and vice versa, I mean the fact that all DLC for RB1 could be played in RB2. Also, in one of the most customer friendly acts I've seen from a publisher, you had the ability to import all songs from the RB1 disc to your hard drive (at least in the 360 and PS3 versions) for use in RB2. That last feature could have moved at least game (not bundle) sales to people who had bought RB1 but were reluctant to buy RB2. Had more people known that they could just do that and trade in their old RB1 disc at Gamestop or similar store, I could guarantee sales would have jumped by at least a considerable margin. Really, the only people who knew about this feature were hardcore gamers who frequent gaming sites or diehard RB gamers. A lot of people I know who bought both RB1 and RB2 were shocked when I mentioned it to them. Anyway, pity.