Morning Discussion

I rarely set out to actually accomplish something over the weekend, but sometimes it happens anyways. There are even times I accomplish more than what I set out to.

Take this weekend, for instance. I had two goals: to get this new computer running, and to finally beat Dead Space. This seemed feasible without too much effort. But then I went and surprised myself, and started playing The Maw and Crysis on top of that. I ended up beating both The Maw and Dead Space, with Crysis now starting to really pull me in.

I can't remember the last time I beat two games in a week, let alone the same day. But The Maw was short and cute and fun, I enjoyed helping the little-blob-that-could find food and grow up into the giant-blob-that-did. A great complement to Dead Space's creepy-crawly sci-fi antics and the flood of monsters (and player deaths) that signal its end.

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