LittleBigPlanet Somehow Getting Wipeout Costumes

BOOM widget 75875 I had no problem accepting the Metal Gear Solid Sackboys, or the Street Fighter costumes. I was cool with head turkey and Santa threads.

But letting Sackboy dress like one of Wipeout's inanimate hovercrafts? That just seems odd, even if LittleBigPlanet does have racing stages.

But, regardless of my personal opinion, it's happening. According to Sony Europe community team leader MusterBuster, the Wipeout costume set will also add some new stickers when it the hits February 19. No price point was specified.

Along with word of the Wipeout costumes, MusterBuster laid out a tentative schedule for the DLC that should hit the Media Molecule-developed PS3 platformer in the next month, though he did not note what will be free and what will cost actual money.

    January 26
    • Chinese New Year Costumes (available for 10 days only)
    January 29
    • Kratos costume
    • God of War mini pack (Medusa and Medusa costumes, GoW stickers)
    • Groundhog Day costume (available for 1 week only)
    February 5
    • Valentines Day mini pack (Stickers and new costume parts)
      (available for 2 weeks only)
    February 12
    • Ape Escape Costume
    • Toro Costume
    February 19
    • Wipeout Content Pack (Themed costumes, stickers)