Mythic Responds to Job Cut Rumors, Affirms Commitment to Warhammer Online

Following rumors that Warhammer Online developer Mythic Entertainment lost some staff in the latest round of cost-cutting measures for studio owner Electronic Arts, Mythic VP Mark Jacobs has assured fans that its PC MMO will continue to be supported. nope

"It's not like we had a small team at launch or even a small team now," he wrote in forum post. "I have a very large team continuing to work on WAR now and going forward and we'll continue to build with that." The rumor claims all of Mythic's playtesters were let go, along with half of its QA team and 21 customer service employees.

While unable to comment directly on "possible/actual layoffs," Jacobs pointed to EA's plan to axe 10% of its workforce by March 31, writing that "all studios are expected to do their fair share." Since the cost-cutting plan was announced, rumors of layoffs at various facilities have circulated, though EA has said it won't provide specifics until February.

Some message board posters fear the rumored layoffs could affect Mythic's ability to address bugs in a timely manner--something that has already come under fire.

However, when asked by a fan about Warhammer Online's "staggering amounts of bugs," Jacobs expressed awareness of the many issues, stating that players will see "lots of incoming bug fixes with the next major patch as well as lots of other stuff."

He also added that Warhammer Online is the only title being worked on at Mythic, and vowed that the studio "will continue to work on WAR for quite a while."

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