Doom 4 Story Writer Revealed

BOOM widget 58328Fantasy author Graham Joyce has revealed his involvement with id's upcoming Doom 4.

"I'll also be working on the computer game Doom 4 for ID Software," reads the latest update to Joyce's site, apparently posted January 6, 2009. "I've been playing Doom for some years."

The writer of such novels as "How to Make Friends with Demons" and "The Tooth Fairy: A Novel" then confirmed the news with CVG, merely noting that "that ID have hired me to help develop the storyline potential" while offering no additional details.

Described by id as "significantly different" than Doom 3, Doom 4 will utilize the id Tech 5 engine that's powering Rage. However, the studio has promised that Doom 4 will appear to be running on "a totally new game engine" when it is eventually released.