EA Hops on PlayStation Home Bandwagon

Publisher Electronic Arts today announced its plans to support Sony's PlayStation 3 "social gaming community" PlayStation Home, beginning with an EA Sports Complex. nope

Slated to arrive in the ever-evolving service this spring, the EA Sports complex will feature "exclusive new EA Sports multiplayer games" along with the ability to interact with other gamers and watch trailers "and other content" from EA Sports titles.

The company also noted that it is "working with Sony Computer Entertainment on further label support of PlayStation Home Beta, and will announce plans in the near future." Last fall, publisher Ubisoft debuted a dedicated Far Cry 2-themed area.

"We're proud to support the PlayStation Home Beta with a very robust offering from EA Sports," said EA Sports president Peter Moore. "The EA Sports Complex is a rich new online environment that presents a compelling and immersive social gaming experience for the global sports audience."