BioShock Could Have Five Sequels, Suggests 2K

2K Game's narrative-driven first-person shooter series BioShock could have up to five sequels, though the company is taking care to ensure it won't "cash in" on the franchise.

"If we spin [BioShock] the right way and get the right twist of innovation, we can make six parts of it, as Star Wars did," 2K president Christoph Hartmann told MCV. "Look at Star Wars. It's a fight between good and evil, just like BioShock."

"But we have to be careful not to cash in," he added. "Because [BioShock] is so story driven, the question obviously arises: how long can you do it without turning into The Matrix? The first Matrix was great, the second one was weird and the third one, you thought: 'Who [making this] is on crack and who isn't?'"

Continuing, the president explained the dangers: "I won't name the company, but there was a great racing game years ago. They brought it back year-on-year. If you look at the scores, it's hard to believe what they've done to it. It's upsetting, actually."

Electronic Arts' Need for Speed series seems to fit Hartmann's description perfectly.

The second entry in the BioShock series, dubbed Sea of Dreams, is due on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year, between August and October. The sequel is being helmed by 2K Marin, while the original was crafted by 2K Boston and Australia. A feature film is also in the works, and may be accompanied by BioShock 3.