Skate 2 Demo Hits 360 Tomorrow, PS3 Next Week

Seemingly confirming what was already known, Electronic Arts announced today that a downloadable demo for EA Black Box's Skate 2 will be available on Xbox 360 tomorrow. nope

But what about the PlayStation 3 demo that many assumed would hit at the same time? Turns out the PlayStation Store download isn't hitting until next Thursday, January 15.

The publisher also spilled some details on the demo's actual content, promising a sample of the single-player game as well as two online modes: Hall of Meat, in which players attempt to rack up the most injuries, and the points-centric Spot Battle.

Skate 2 rolls into North American retailers on January 21. And while the EA Black Box studio is shutting down soon, its development teams and "associated game franchises" appear safe, as EA says that they're just being relocated to a nearby office.