Xbox 360 Tops 28 Million Consoles Sold Worldwide, Microsoft Claims 8M Lead Over PlayStation 3

The Xbox 360 has sold over 28 million units worldwide since its 2005 launch, manufacturer Microsoft announced today.

The Xbox 360's lead over Sony's rival PlayStation 3 hardware now exceeds 8 million units, the company claims, with the Xbox 360 outselling the PS3 in Europe by over 1 million. Microsoft's wording suggests the PlayStation 3 has now sold around 20 million units worldwide--in October, Sony revealed the the PS3 was then nearing 17 million.

Before the holiday season kicked off, Nintendo's Wii had sold 34.55 million units.

Microsoft also boasted the latest figures for Xbox Live, stating that the online service now has 17 million active members, recently hit a new record with 1.5 million users online concurrently, and has accumulated over $1 billion in revenue since November 2005.