LEGO Rock Band, LEGO Harry Potter Rumors Swirl

Some new rumors have emerged regarding future video games in Traveller's Tales' LEGO series, which has seen Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman releases.

The oft-rumored LEGO Harry Potter won't arrive in 2009, according to Eurogamer. Some had speculated the LEGO game would arrive alongside the next Harry Potter flick in the summer, which is being accompanied by an Electronic Arts-developed tie-in.

Meanwhile, videogaming247 reports that LEGO Rock Band is currently in development, and will somehow provide a block-busting rendition of Harmonix's music game series. VG247's source assured the site that the information is "100 percent correct." Then again, don't sources always say something along those lines?

In a recent interview, Traveller's Tales hinted at Star Wars and Indy sequels, and confirmed that a surprising LEGO game would be released this year.

"There's always the possibility that we would revisit a franchise," producer Loz Doyle told BBC Radio 1 when asked about another LEGO Indy. "And you never know, it might not be the end of Star Wars, it might not be the end of Indy - we keep our options open."

"There will be a LEGO game in 2009. And I think it's okay to say that you'll be a bit surprised," added fellow Travellers' Tales producer Nick Ricks.