Unanounced, Cancelled THQ Air Combat Game Revealed in Slick CG Trailer

By Nick Breckon, Jan 02, 2009 6:32pm PST An unannounced air combat game titled "Stormbirds," in development by Juice Games, was recently cancelled by THQ, according to former Juice artist Greg Calvert.

Stormbirds was set for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC--before THQ apparently got cold feet. As a result, the team of over 30 developers was laid off by Juiced owner THQ.

"The game was in the same genre as Ace Combat and HAWX," wrote Calvert in a recent blog post. "THQ deemed the project too high risk, [and] as a result the entire team were made redundant on the 1st of December 2008."

Juice Games was acquired by THQ in 2006. The developer is best known for the "Juiced" series of racing titles.

Rather than see the fruits of their labors go to waste, assets from the Stormbirds project have been released by both Calvert (above) and Steven Kerswell of CG studio RealtimeUK. The intro cinematic, created by Realtime, can be seen below.

Thanks to TnS_hun for the heads up.

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  • [quote]What a shame the trailer looked awesome. I would have bought for PC just for the explosion effects alone. :-) [/quote]

    my thoughts exactly. the combat was also fast paced and more like a shootem up.which seemed to serve the likes of ppl who wanted the action without the wait of "engine on, flaps raised,engine power,rudder all the crazy stats and radar dots and missles from 30k's away type action which its kool in its self but not as much action i find, where this seems like lots of packed action. can we petition it. and hit up THQ and say man the flightsim gamers have been waiting for a game (like this one could have been ) for years .....

  • That really sucks. There hasn't been a good air combat game in years. I mean, there have been a handful of ultra-realistic combat flight simulators, but that's not the same thing. Increasing budget sizes which go along with developing next gen games seems to be killing everything that is experimental or different. Right now the market is completely devoid of "cinematic" air combat games, or even FUN air combat games. This just fucking sucks, because that trailer would be enough to make me follow the game hotly and maybe even buy it on release. Fuck you THQ.