GameStop Offering Killzone 2 Pre-order Demo

With Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2 coming February 27, word of a demo for the anticipated PlayStation 3 first person shooter shouldn't seem all that out of the ordinary. nope However, there's a slight twist, as Joystiq points out that retailer GameStop is offering "exclusive access" to the downloadable demo in exchange for a $5 pre-order.

Those that reserve the game in-store will receive a card with a download code, while those that pre-order online will be e-mailed their code beginning February 3--suggesting that the demo will be available no earlier than that day.

Publisher Sony has yet to say when the demo will inevitably be released for public consumption. Earlier this year, Valve held a similiar promotion for Left 4 Dead, offering pre-order customers early access to the demo prior to its public release.