GameStop Offering Killzone 2 Pre-order Demo

By Chris Faylor, Dec 30, 2008 2:19pm PST With Guerrilla Games' Killzone 2 coming February 27, word of a demo for the anticipated PlayStation 3 first person shooter shouldn't seem all that out of the ordinary.
However, there's a slight twist, as Joystiq points out that retailer GameStop is offering "exclusive access" to the downloadable demo in exchange for a $5 pre-order.

Those that reserve the game in-store will receive a card with a download code, while those that pre-order online will be e-mailed their code beginning February 3--suggesting that the demo will be available no earlier than that day.

Publisher Sony has yet to say when the demo will inevitably be released for public consumption. Earlier this year, Valve held a similiar promotion for Left 4 Dead, offering pre-order customers early access to the demo prior to its public release.

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  • I really liked the first Killzone. I owned it and beat it several times despite its MANY bugs and sloppy level design. Since then I've played through about 20 different FPS shooters. And from all the video footage I've seen admittedly not that much probably about 20-30 minutes of gameplay I'm disappointed. The game looks great. That cannot be denied. Weather it will be the best looking FPS might be a bit of a debate, but it will certainly be impressive to look at. But the gameplay appears to me to have not improved at all. It looks like it plays like one of the earliest FPS's ever. I thought the original Doom was awesome too back in the day, but how'd that gameplay stack up in todays over saturated FPS genre? Hopefully I'll be proven wrong, but so far none of the PS3 exclusives have been anything but what their first impressions have been. Heres hoping..