Metal Gear Creator Working on Two New Games

Acclaimed video game designer Hideo Kojima has revealed that he is directing two new games, as well as restructuring his development team to be more competitive.

One of those two Kojima-directed titles will be geared towards overseas gamers, according to a 1UP translation of an interview in Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. As Kojima's past third-person games have fared well worldwide, many speculate that the title is a first-person shooter, as the genre is popular in the West.

The overseas-targeted title will coincide with the restructuring of developer Kojima Productions, which the creator described as "a makeover from the ground up." Kojima hopes this will result in a studio that can compete with top developers around the world.

Along creating with the stealth-action Metal Gear series, Kojima has played a role in many other beloved titles, including the mech-combat franchise Zone of the Enders, the adventure-action game Snatcher, and the sun-utilizing vampire-slaying Boktai titles.

Details on the other game were sparse, with the creator only noting that it will be formally unveiled first and will be developed in a more traditional Kojima Productions environment, instead of fully embracing the shifts that the reorganization will bring.