Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Dec 12, 2008 5:20am PST Damn Friday, way to represent.

First, I wake up to a snow-covered winter wonderland and blue skies, which are much nicer than the grey overcast and its soggy "don't worry, I'll only freeze at night" rain.

And then, Tim Schafer's latest, Brutal Legends, finally gets a new publisher.

Plus we get the first in-game footage of BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic today.

In conclusion, Fri-to-the-day knows what is up. Let's keep the good times coming, eh?

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    I managed to get a review unit of a BlackBerry Curve 8900 (for Rogers - Americans will have to wait!)

    it's pretty hot. the display, GPS and Wi-Fi are all lifted from the Bold, and it has a good keyboard too. no 3G, but I hear that might come in the spring or summer.

    about the only thing keeping it back is price: Rogers is discounting the Bold to $200, which is only $20 above the Curve 8900's regular price. wait until Rogers discounts it more (say, to $150 or less) and then pick it up. the smaller size may be worth the tradeoff!