Garry's Mod Brings in Over $3 Million

BOOM widget 120926 It's been a little over two years since Garry's Mod hit Valve's digital distribution client Steam. In that time, it's sold 312,541 copies. Assuming each copy sold for the full $9.99 price, that the popular Garry Newman-created mod has brought in over $3.12 million.

"GMod hasn't just given me financial stability," Newman wrote on his blog, as noticed by Big Download. "It's also made me a lot more experienced in c++. I learned how game engines are meant to work. I got to fly to Valve HQ."

The Source engine-powered mod allows users to bring models from various games into an open sandbox and play with them accordingly, often resulting in hilarious antics and videos. To run, it requires at least one Source engine-powered game. nope

"I got to tell a nice bearded fellow how I was sick all over myself in the shower after eating airline food, and then realizing I was talking to Warren Spector," he added.

Newman also extended his thanks to the whole of Team Garry, which have been instrumental in maintaining and updating the ever-popular mod. For more on Garry's Mod and its creation, check out our interview with Newman himself.