Leaked Video Reveals The Witcher for PS3, 360; Developer CD Projekt Responds

With developer CD Projekt RED teasing a major announcement, a supposed leaked video has revealed that the developer's well-received PC RPG The Witcher is heading to PS3 and Xbox 360 and will "look much better" than the PC release.

"The controls are very different in the console adaptation," designer Jakob Stilinsky stated in the video, embedded below. "They are actually better than in the original."

The PC version of The Witcher.

"We created a completely new combat system that is more dynamic and more engaging," he added. "In the console version, players have full control. There are hundreds of new mo-cap animations in the console version."

Along with a new combat and motion-captured animations, the release will sport enhanced visuals, with Stilinsky claiming the console versions "look much better."

When reached for comment, CD Projekt marketing VP Tom Ohle did not confirm or deny the game's existence, telling Shacknews: "We haven't made any official statements about upcoming games... before anyone blows a gasket about anything, let's remember that CD Projekt RED is working on three unannounced titles."

The developer has long been discussing a console version of The Witcher. In August 2007, lead designer Michal Madej told Shacknews that a console version would depend on the performance of the PC release--it has since sold over a million copies--and said that, if given the choice, he would bring the game to "Xbox [360] for sure."