Rumor: The Ship 2 = Hollywood Murder Party?

By Nick Breckon, Nov 28, 2008 3:01pm PST Shack tipster Chris Spargo has recently spotted employees of Outerlight, the developer of the Half-Life mod-turned-game The Ship: Murder Party, playing a mysterious title called "Hollywood Murder Party" on Steam.

After some checking, Shacknews can verify that Outerlight employees have logged over 130 hours on the unannounced game so far.

Outerlight's The Ship is a multiplayer game set on a 1920s cruise liner that challenges players to assassinate their assigned victim before being similarly murdered.

The developer has previously stated that the follow-up to The Ship would diverge from the first title in both environment and name. Hollywood Murder Party sounds about right.

We've contacted Outerlight for comment.

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