Prince of Persia Update: Achievements, Hero Worship

by Nick Breckon, Nov 25, 2008 12:57pm PST

Ubisoft today released the full list of achievements for the upcoming Prince of Persia reboot, which you can take a look at here.

The company also put out this Bravo/VH1-esque promotional trailer, which features pretty girls talking about how this guy reminds them of ex-boyfriends. I think it has something to do with the whole "leading you around by the nose, exploiting your special powers, then running away" thing.


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  • anyone noticed the "smolder with generic rage" line?
    i think yahtzee had it in his review too.

    this aside the promo was fucking stupid, the circlejerk including game"journalists" made me want to stab those motherfuckers. Also fuck all the mainstream references ala indiana jones,han solo and fucking spiderman. I want the prince of persia not a 80's buddy movie with a sassy chick and some final fantasy effects.

    I played every Pop even the ah so shitty prince of persia 3d before that franchise bounced back with sands of time and never before did i give less of a shit about a prince game coming out.
    I'm sure the game will be decent but by now i'm not even sure if its a prince of persia game. they basically abandoned the persian/indian setting of prince of persia for some generic final fantasy setting replacing the prince with some scarf wearing metro dude with some plastered on scars to make him look less gay.