EA Joins Wii Fitness Craze Alongside Oprah's Trainer, Game to Use Leg Strap Accessories

Following hints of a fitness-oriented Wii game, Electronic Arts today announced that it is inviting players to "break a sweat" though a new line of fitness products, beginning with EA Sports Active for the Wii. nope

Priced at $69.99, Active will ship with two "specially-designed leg straps" that hold the Wii Nuncuk and track lower body movement, along with a resistance band for upper-body exercises. The title will not require, but will be compatible with, the Wii Balance Board accessory that comes packed with Nintendo's Wii Fit.

The game is said to sport "a new level of motivation with on-screen, real-time feedback on your workout" and is being designed "specifically for women seeking a simple and cost-effective way to achieve a healthy lifestyle." In addition to a 30 Day Challenge feature and daily 20-minute workouts, it will let players create a custom workout routine.

Due out next spring, EA Sports Active is being developed at EA Vancouver in collaboration with fitness experts, including Oprah's personal trainer Bob Greene.

"One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how to get fit at home--especially from busy moms," explained Greene. "Active provides a fun and effective workout that targets your upper body, lower body, and gets your heart pumping in just 20 minutes."