Capcom Gets Custom Storefront on PlayStation Store

Popular Japanese publisher Capcom is set to get a little more attention from PlayStation Store shoppers, as the company is the first to get its own full-time storefront on Sony's digital marketplace.


Capcom's storefront, left, is modeled after promotional ones like Siren: Blood Curse, right

"As you may know, Capcom has been a huge supporter of PlayStation Network, so we collaborated on a special storefront to coincide with the release of Age of Booty," wrote Sony's Ro Hernandez on the official PlayStation Blog.

In the future, other publishers will follow suit, though it's unknown exactly which publishers have their own storefronts in the works.

Capcom's digital specialty shop will open with this Thursday's iteration of the weekly PlayStation Store update, which indeed brings with it the PS3 release of Certain Affinity's pirate-y strategy game Age of Booty.