Evening Reading

By Steve Gibson, Nov 06, 2008 6:00pm PST PF Changs is still pretty good sometimes. It is nowhere near actual Asian food, but I kinda like the American bastardization of Asian cuisine. I like actual Asian food too though. Bit harder to find. Munch on these for the evening!

As for the the videogame news around these parts:

Lastly, for the bunch of you already playing Left 4 Dead, here is the server browser.

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  • CMS Bros

    This business wants me to make their website more manageable and maintainable. Right now everything is a mess because they have had several people who don't really know anything working on it over the past couple years. It is pretty much all just static content. To add new content, they currently have someone fire up Dreamweaver, copy an existing page, and change it to add new stuff.

    I would like to transition them into a nice CMS-enabled solution so they can have content owners create their stuff through an admin panel, and not have to worry about dealing with any code. I've only done web development for big enterprise level clients using J2EE solutions (Spring, BEA Portal, etc.). This will be a learning experience for me as well.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for easy to learn/use open source CMS frameworks? I'm looking to use php because that is what they are currently using. Anyone have experience with Joomla, Drupal, etc.?

  • I've been having this problem with Firefox on OS X for a long time where after about 5 minutes of the browser running it would start thrashing my hard disk. Not a crapton of data, just a little bit, but enough that the disk would never stop being active as long as firefox was running. I tried starting with a clean profile, no extensions, even tried portable firefox. Nothing seemed to stop it. For shits and giggles I just decided to pick up the 3.1 beta and after leaving FF running for the last hour and a half I've still got no extra disk activity. Hooray!

    Not sure what my point is, but it makes me happy and I thought I'd share it just in case anyone else has the same problem.