EndWar Trailers: Fake News and Engineers

By Blake Ellison, Nov 04, 2008 4:50pm PST It's release week for Tom Clancy's EndWar, the voice-controlled tactical strategy game from Ubisoft Shanghai for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In honor of that, publisher Ubisoft has sent along the game's launch trailer detailing the game's near-apocalyptic 2020 setting via a fictional 24-hour news channel.

A PC version is on the way, but was delayed due to piracy concerns. There are also DS and PSP versions on the way courtesy of developer Funatics, but a release date has yet to be set.

Check below for a trailer detailing infantry units and their uses:

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  • I'm sick of multiplatform games. I say keep console games console only, and leave us PC gamers with the games that were developed with US in mind, not those console kiddies. You can't delay a PC only game because a dumb ass publisher complains of the PC being a "pirate heaven." Besides, I'm sure as hell, and completely agree with the reply below, that for multiplatform games, console games are ripped much more than the PC versions. Also, any PC versions of the multiplatform games likely (and usually do, PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG PUBLISHERS) have a control scheme or a HUD, or a fucked up assbox live multiplayer matching setup, and not an up to date, clean and non-bloated server list. Oblivion had slow mouse issues and a HUD that took up half my screen, and could only see about 6 items at a time. Unreal Tournament 3 had a bloated multiplayer service that was worse than UT2k4, which was actually much, much better as you could download maps and mods on the fly instead of having to download them manually due to the multiplatform issues. Invisible War anyone? Halo?(most overhyped crap game that ever existed...as said at one point, only good because it was a mediocre at best fps game that came out on the right platform at the right time, but was complete shit compared to what already existed on the PC. )

    I say boycott ubisoft (as in pc gamers only so that they will stop making multiplatform games on the PC so we don't have to deal with their shit) Though that's easy for me at least since I don't buy games that are multiplatform in general, with FEW exceptions. And I will say this...I did NOT buy Fallout 3. You heard that right, and I'm not even going to try the demo because they fucked up Oblivion and ruined my memories of Morrowind. (I wonder how many people will fall out of their chairs reading this...)

    //end evil block of rant
    //my $0.02
    enter 0