Morning Discussion: Election Day Edition

By Chris Faylor, Nov 04, 2008 1:05am PST Judging from all the e-mails and text messages I've received, I am not supposed to forget to vote today. I guess that's why I got up early and went to the voting booth?

I had never voted before. It was fancy. The line was short, and when I was done, I got to press this big red flashing button, which made me feel all important and awesome. Then I got a McGriddle at McDonalds. It was quite yummy. I like McGriddles.

All kidding aside, please do remember to vote today, if you can. It's kinda important.

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  • happened. i watched Rocky for the first time. Not just Rocky, in fact, but Rocky I - IV. All in the past 24 hours. After 25 years of resistance, I finally gave in, watched the first, and then... couldn't stop.

    I know. I know. Who on earth HASNT seen Rocky. am i an ALIEN or just the worst person on the planet EVER. trust me, ive heard it all (and ignored it, in an obnoxious-know-it-all-girl-fashion) for a looong time. In fact, for whatever reason...ive deliberately avoided watching or paying attention to anything Rocky-related for the entirety of my 25 years of life.
    (And by "whatever reason" I mean "I previously thought boxing was a stupid guy thing, a stupidly dangerous and bloody activity of which, in my opinion, hardly qualified as a sport, or anything worth watching, and further, I happened to grow up during the era of FAILED Stallone movies and so viewed both him and his acting skills as a joke (see, e.g., Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!) and therefore felt that his fighting and gun-shooting movies would never be more worthwhile than just rewatching something else i knew to be good).

    FURTHERMORE - by some miracle of....something....I also made it through life NOT KNOWING WHO WINS ANY OF THE FIGHTS. As in, my fiance finally convinces me to watch the first movie, and we're sitting there, and i DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. holyyyy shit. i know. he spent most of the time staring at me wondering if i was from fucking outer space while I said things like "rocky never BEATS apollo creed, right? i mean, that would be crazy. apollo is like ridiculous better than him. not to mention that then rocky would be heavyweight champion of the WORLD. THEN what, you know?!!?" and "ohhhh man, there's no WAY clubber lang can win this fight. right!? rocky wins the title back. right?! dont tell me though!! oh my god im nervous!"

    anyway - i realize im probably and perhaps literally the last human being on the planet to jump on this train.....but....

    WHOA. ROCKY IS AMAZING. SYLVESTER STALLONE..... I AM SORRY. YOU AND YOUR MOVIES ARE, HOLY SHIT, ACTUALLY EPIC. being told that rocky v is not worth watching. that's fine. although.... i suppose now i should probably give those Rambo movies a chance, huh.