Warhammer Online Grabs 800,000 Subscribers

By Nick Breckon, Nov 03, 2008 4:37pm PST Mythic's MMO Warhammer Online has surpassed 800,000 subscribers, according to recently released Electronic Arts financial documents.
As Eurogamer points out, the number shows an increase of around 50,000 subscribers over the month of October, proving that Warhammer is growing in the face of strong competition. Publisher EA has sold a total of 1.2 million copies of WAR since its release in September.

Direct competitor Blizzard recently announced that World of Warcraft has now ensnared over 11 million subscribers, an increase of 1 million subscribers between this January and October.

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  • well i played this game for about 2 months now, and i facking adore it.
    Hughe RvR battles, on every tier all the time, and if you get bored of that (IF YOU DO) there are scenarios and quests to do, and of course public quests. where all who is close to you can join your group (if it is open) and battle against heros for Gear,weapons or whatever it is you need.

    Okey its a new game still, but most of the minor issues they have dealt with, and i see more and more ppl coming back to War, and hear ppl coming back. I think, this game will grow more and more as they have made automatic transfer so the servers are now bigger, with lots of ppl on them, u dont ever have to worry about finding a RvR battle or waiting for scenarios or even public quests.
    First when this game out, they made that misstake of having servers with low pop on it, that made the game suck :/. but they learned from it.
    I play on Karak - Asgal. And dudes.... if you like open fights with vast numbers, if you like PvP you would do good to buy this game, if you have it already, then reopen it, caus this is WAR!
    But keep in mind ppl, use the (search for warbands & groups near you) it is vital if you wanna RvR. or just type in region, you are missing so mutch guys!
    Warband is a group, but has 24 ppl in it. and when you guys start it again, caus i know u will, i will see how it is, when you and your warband is meeting up with other warbands, to join together, and reclaim what is ours!

    I have tried all tiers im lvl 40. the Tiers im talking about here is tier 1 and mostly 2. but when you reach tier 3 mostly 4 those fights in RvR are MASSIVE!