Hellgate: London Expansion Coming, HanbitSoft to 'Continue Developing the World's Best Game'

Korean publisher HanbitSoft has revealed that it is working on an downloadable expansion for Hellgate: London, and confirmed that it now holds the rights to the troubled PC action-RPG franchise.

The update is meant to "surpass The Abyss Chronicles" content that arrived earlier this year, according to a HanbitSoft statement noticed by Gamasutra. The studio noted that development is occurring in its US studio, likely referring to the new development studio recently founded by HanbitSoft majority shareholder T3 Entertainment.

The expansion will be distributed through the HanbitSoft website. North American co-publisher Namco Bandai recently noted that it will shut down the game's online servers come February 2009, which follows the closure of Hellgate developer Flagship.

Though HanbitSoft did not directly address the online server shutdown, the studio expressed its hope to deliver "good news shortly" and its intention to "continue developing the world's best game."