Installing Xbox 360 Games Makes Them Look Better?

By Chris Faylor, Nov 03, 2008 8:29am PST Installing games to the Xbox 360 hard drive may do more than just reduce load times. According to Variety's Ben Fritz, it made Lionhead's Fable 2 look prettier:
Fable 2 looks noticeably better. The graphics are sharper and brighter. So much so that it's like the game, or my graphics processor, has gotten an upgrade.

Optional game installation is one of the many features packed in the New Xbox Experience, a free software update coming November 19, though it still requires the game disc to be present in the system. A public test of the update is underway.

Shacknews has contacted Microsoft for more information on the matter.

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  • Many games are using the same assets across multiple platforms. Tie in dynamic LoD where the goal is to keep the frame rate at 'X' and it's plausible. You have to remember that these games are built on PC's that are more powerful than the console. ie: It's easier to create very high poly models and then have a dynamic LoD tone it down so the hardware can handle it.

    Another example is Bioshock. When you load a saved game on the PC the textures will go from a very low blurry resolution and scale up to what your system can handle at a decent frame rate.

    The simple act of the data getting faster to the gpu & cpu may result in better detail. I know for a fact that fable 2 grinds my 360 dvd something awful.

  • What? This is ridiculous, memory is something completely different than GPU computations, this man is crazy. The only improvements that are logical are decreased load time, quicker saves and loads, and possibly better draw distances. The draw distance is even to debate as it is set by the developer and not simply a matter of a lack of memory. Grand Theft Auto 4 on the PS3 benefited from a better draw distance because the developer knew they would be installing the game on the HD and were able to code that into the game itself. It could be possible in newer games as they may have had information on this from Microsoft and implemented code to allow for better draw distances when this update was released, but that is still a stretch.