Taking Stock: The Gibson-Goldstein Index

We may have spent the week at Valve, but that didn't stop the news from moving on without us.

Fallout 3
A re-imagining of an old PC franchise that lives up to the hype? More scary than the game itself. In any case, dig in.

Somehow grabs the rights to develop a stand-alone Beatles music game. All you need is cash?

Overzealous Internet Forum Moderation
Electronic Arts forum mod claims a forum ban is equal to a game ban. EA says it's all a misunderstanding. Haven't we heard this song before?

World of Warcraft
Posts a record 11 million subscribers, and the new expansion hasn't even been released. The infection spreads.

Game receives widespread acclaim, but glitches soon take down the online servers, keeping developer Media Molecule from proclaiming a smooth launch.

The Witcher
Sells a million copies for a very pleased CD Projekt.

Videogame Advertising
Fallout 3 metro ad sparks mild controversy, and the ESRB eventually pulls down some trailers. Meanwhile, an EndWar trailer blows up the Capitol too, and Left 4 Dead hits TV.

Unopened Games
Study says that 11% of you own games that haven't been opened. I'm just saying, let it out. Give it some air, man. Play with it.

"It's all one in the same, so I strongly reccommend people play nice and act mature."
Electronic Arts forum moderator EA Apoc, explaining how a forum ban can carry over to a game ban. His statement was later retracted by EA.

"I want to see those guys. I want to see 'Emergence Day.' I want to see this stuff happen."
Gears of War screenwriter Chris Morgan unsurprisingly confirming that the movie will include series favorites Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago.

"This is the same technology the armed forces use to help soldiers kill the enemy. All we're saying is, 'Don't sell it to kids.'"
Senator Leland Yee proposing a revival of violent video game legislation that was ruled unconstitutional in 2007.