First Post!

by Maarten Goldstein, Oct 31, 2008 4:40am PDT

Happy Halloween everyone! I have a Halloween party to go to late tonight, but I actually am not sure about my costume yet. I should probably get on that.

The first thing I did this morning was download the Mirror's Edge demo, as I haven't had an opportunity to play the game before. I managed to leap to my death quite a few times, but damn this game is seriously slick. I was already pretty hyped for the game, but even more so now...can't wait to get better at it.

  • So.... regarding this:

    I have talked to my dad vaguely about it. He's informed of the plan of my mother's to goto Canada with a possibliity that she's already gone through the motions to file divorce. I've not told him of the affair she's been having, as I figured that was just adding injury to the situation.

    I've also called my mother and told her that I know about what she's been doing. That I was very hurt by her dishonesty in the situation, and that she needs to have a discussion with my father on the situation.

    I told a little white lie to my mother in that I told her I hadn't discussed it with my dad, but I've given him all the pertintent details and he knows how to play dumb, so he'll just have to muddle through the situation.

    Overall, I feel pretty good. My dad and I went to look at the boat after briefly talking about it, and its obvious he has no idea what she's planning, and that they are not talking... my mother feels like the situation is one where she cannot talk to him... so its basically a situation of non-communication on the whole relationship. However, I'm 28 and I'm out of the situation, its unfortunately my mother's behaviour of disappearing at weekends necessitated my involvement, but it is what it is... Hopefully they are now both aware that this is a serious situation and it needs to be handled. My mother unfortunately is unlikely to deal with it well, as I found out she's on 3-4 different drugs from various doctors and she's been communicating with old friends and they have no idea what she's talking about with the divorce. So it seems a little one-sided at this point. However, as I told her... if she REALLY feels that its done, then its there... and thats ok... whats not ok is lying to your family and friends with this situation because there are very real legal and financial consequences to her life and my fathers, and ignoring that is a HUGE problem.

    We'll see where this goes... Personally, I hope she reflects on her choice and my father and her start communicating, but in the majority of these situations... we know what way it will go. Sad... but true. I'm hopeful, but preparing for the worst.