Nintendo: 33% More Wiis Now, 50% More for Holidays

Nintendo is delivering on its promise to deliver more Wii consoles to retailers, with more units in production in fall 2008 than were being made in fall 2007.

"We're now producing 2.4 million units a month worldwide. Last year, we made 1.6 million a month. So we've made a 33% increase," said Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to the LA Times.

That figure stands to grow even more headed into what could be the Wii's third sold-out holiday season. "While we're bringing 50% higher level of supply into the market this holiday, we don't know if the demand will be even higher than that."

Earlier this month, Fils-Aime attributed his unease to Nintendo's runaway success, saying, "We are selling hardware at rates no system [seller] has ever experienced." The system's phenomenal sales can largely be attributed to accessible games like Wii Fit, which took the #2 spot in September's top 10. "Only about 3 in 10 stores will have Wii Fit in stock," added the executive.