No StarCraft 2 Beta This Year

With BlizzCon 2008 attendees clasping their StarCraft 2 beta access codes, developer Blizzard has revealed that the beta for the anticipated sci-fi RTS won't hit this year.

"It's not going to be this year," lead producer Chris Sigaty told OMG StarCraft, as found by StarCraftWire. "We're working really hard on Battle.net itself, of course it's a Battle.net beta. As we get through that, hopefully as soon as possible after the new year,but there's no specific date at this point." nope

It is unclear if Sigaty's claim of "as soon as possible after the new year" relates to the completion of Battle.net work, the launch of the StarCraft 2 beta, or both.

"There's still things we look at and go, oh, we gotta fix that," added senior art director Samwise Didier. "We try to get as much of those out of the way."

"If we're gonna hear everybody reporting that same thing...we don't want that," Sigaty nodded, stressing the importance of balance and receiving meaningful feedback.