GripShift Developer Sidhe Receives Government Grant

Sidhe Interactive, makers of the platform-ish racer GripShift (360, PS3, PSP), have received a grant from the government of New Zealand for an unspecified amount.

Gamasutra reports that Sidhe will use the money from TechNZ--an investment program from New Zealand's Foundation for Research, Science and Technology--to develop a multiplatform framework for use in future games.


"We're acutely aware of the requirements of cross-platform development and the need to create reusable technology to lower development costs, reduce risk and improve quality," said Tyrone McAuley, a co-founder of Sidhe.

This isn't the first TechNZ grant that Sidhe has received. The company used a 2004 award to develop a PSP game, presumably the PSP version of GripShift which came out in 2005.