Rumor: Sony Considering Rewards for Trophy Collectors

Sony may be trying to tempt gamers into the PlayStation 3's new Trophy achievement system, according to the latest rumor from the world of print magazines.

"We've heard that SCEA is mulling over some sort of Trophy reward system," says the Official PlayStation Magazine as quoted by CVG.

"We doubt it'll be cash (or the equivalent)," continues the mag, "but we suspect it might be exclusive access to early betas and the like," the magazine speculates.

In recent months, small purchases like Sony's Qore magazine and game pre-orders have granted players early access to betas and demos like Resistance 2, Motorstorm Pacific Rift, and Valkyria Chronicles.

Blake's Take: Whether or not it's confirmed, it's a great idea. Rewarding players' skill is a worthy alternative to only rewarding gamers who shell out money in stores, whether retail or online. And for the gamers who have long resisted achievement systems, saying they don't care about the digital badges of honor, it's a solid way to incite a little enthusiasm.