New Soul Calibur 4 DLC Ditches Console Exclusives; Brings Vader to Xbox 360, Yoda to PS3

Confirming the oft-speculated plan, publisher Namco Bandai has announced a blast of downloadable content that will bring the once platform-exclusive Star Wars characters from Project Soul's fighter Soul Calibur IV to the other console. nope

In other words, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to fight as the green mini-Jedi Yoda, whereas Xbox 360 players will finally have access to the mean old Sith Darth Vader. The content should fill the vacant character slot that is present in both versions.

The downloads are slated to hit Japan on October 23, with no North American date yet known. Yoda's PlayStation Store download will carry the price of 600 yen (roughly $5.91), and Vader will sell in the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points, equivalent to about 600 yen, though the North American value of 400 MS Points is $5.

Update: Namco Bandai has confirmed that the Vader and Yoda downloads will hit North America on October 23, with each selling for $5 through their respective marketplaces. Screenshots of the two characters dueling were also provided.