Spore Patch 1.02 Released, Removes Controversial 'Bad Baby' Achievement

The second patch for the PC version of EA Maxis' Spore is now available on FileShack, addressing several bugs, adding cube-shaped planets and axing the "Bad Baby" achievement all while bringing the evolution simulator up to version 1.02. nope

The now-removed Bad Baby award was a secret achievement granted when a player's created creature was banned from the Sporepedia, according to the SporeWiki.

The change log for the patch follows:

  • Hold down the Control key in Sporepedia to select multiple creations for deleting or banning.
  • Hold down the Shift key in Sporepedia to select a range of creations for deleting or banning.
  • New planet style: Cubes.
  • Fix for game entry screen turning black when banning a creature in a Saved game.
  • Fixed issue with flora card in Sporepedia.
  • Space phase: Fixed graphic issue with water levels not updating properly with terraform tools so that visible water and atmosphere levels will now correspond in the Atmosphere monitor.
  • Fixed problems introduced via atmospheric and drought terraforming tools.
  • Improved gaits for multi-legged creatures.
  • Improved gaits for creatures with 2 limbs, but without any feet.
  • Space phase: Fixed missing VOX in some animations in Comm Screen.
  • Fixed audio issue with switching mode to 5.1 breaking music and VOX.
  • Fixed audio syncing issue when minimizing and/or maximizing Spore before opening video.
  • Fixed crash with city music player when Save and Load dialogs are present.
  • Fix for audio lag and missing models due background loading slow-down on certain single-processor machine configurations. This fix improved overall stability on this machine configuration.
  • Space phase: Tuned relationship status to update in communication window after completing a mission.
  • Tribe phase: Tuned Normal difficulty mode to make social game easier.
  • Fixed the ESC key to consistently skip the Spore introduction movie.
  • Creators: YouTube video uploads are set to private. Go to YouTube.com and log in. Then go to Account >> My Videos to set them to Public if you want to share your videos with the world.
  • Creators: Fixed limb joints not being selectable behind other limbs.
  • Tribe phase: Fixed crash while harvesting fruit and fish.
  • Space phase: Fixed timing bug using Planet Buster during Grox invasion.
  • Space phase: Fixed destroyed turrets mission.
  • Space phase: Fixed crash when zooming out to full galactic view from the center of the galaxy.
  • Fixed for game entry screen staying zoomed in after deleting a game and entering/exiting Sporepedia.
  • Space phase: Fixed City Hall updating bug. City Hall will now update to correct version if player has chosen a new City Hall during the transition from Civilization phase to Space phase.
  • Space phase: Fixed Vehicles updating bug. Vehicles chosen in the Colony planner will now update without requiring the player to leave and re-enter a planet's atmosphere.
  • Fixed crash when transitioning from Tribe phase to Civilization phase
  • Discontinued the Bad Baby Achievement.
Thanks to Shacker Stucky_101 for the heads up.
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