Far Cry 2 Settles Into PlayStation Home, Brings Screenshots

Ubisoft has released the first screenshots from the Far Cry 2 area of Home, the PlayStation 3's Second Life-ish virtual space and promotional platform.

A promotion for Ubisoft Montreal's sequel to Crytek's breakout open-world shooter, the space looks like it's taken straight from Far Cry 2's African battlegrounds--but with a few chairs thrown in to help the space's feng shui.


"Among the available activities will be a multiplayer game of Mancala that will use bullets as game pieces, the opportunity to explore in-game environments including a bombed-out train station that has been turned into an ad hoc cafe, as well as the ability to launch the game directly from the PlayStation Home space," reads a press release from Ubisoft.

The real Far Cry 2 lands on October 21 for PC, 360 and PS3, but those with access to the Home closed beta can check out the space now and get a taste of the atmosphere.