Halo 3: Recon May Play Nicely with Original Halo 3

Bungie PR director Brian Jarrard hinted in an interview that Halo 3: Recon (360) may have some overlap with its base game, Halo 3, implying that the multiplayer features of the games may be cross-compatible in some places.

"The multiplayer stuff is interchangeable in that regard," said Jerrard to Joystiq, referring to multiplayer maps. The maps are "still considered 'regular' Halo 3 content," he explained. The Halo 3 world is set to get at least two more sets of multiplayer maps, one from the standalone Recon DVD and another from the Mythic Map Pack DLC expected sometime next year.

Jarrard used a hypothetical situation to illustrate that DLC maps, at the least, may play nicely no matter which version of Halo 3 is being played: "If you purchase the Mythic Map pack via the Xbox Live Marketplace early next year, but your friend doesn't get those maps until the Recon disc comes out, they will work together just fine."

Any Bungie interview is going to touch on the persistent rumors which seem to surround the company, and in that vein Jerrard took the opportunity to shoot down a couple. First, the references to January 16, 2009 from Recon's trailer have no relation to the game's release date. "Really, there is no date set for the release right now," said Jerrard.

Also, while the game will feature all of Halo 3's multiplayer features including four-player co-op, the Forge map editor, and Saved Films, the Forge editor will not get the oft-speculated makeover once expected. "I had a feeling the word 'expanded' [from Recon's announcement] would be misinterpreted, especially in light of the recent frenzy of speculation surrounding'Forge 2.0' and 'campaign Forge,'" he commented.